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Why + how to pray for Afghanistan?

Why pray for Afghanistan?  A land of such uncertainty

You will:

Learn how to pray for Afghanistan – where Christian persecution is amongst the worst in the world

Gain access to our ‘Pray for Central Asia’ resource to help you pray meaningfully

Be encouraged by evidence of God’s work in Afghanistan – a seemingly impenetrable frontier

Last updated;  12 July 2021

Why pray for Afghanistan?  Hopes and dreams continually dashed

It sits within the greater Central Asia region, and is a country whose name evokes so many vivid images. Bearded, turbaned Taliban holding Kalashnikovs, arid mountain and desert landscapes, fields of beautiful, deadly poppies, burka shrouded women crouching on street corners, schoolgirls playing outside a newly built school, and suicide bombs causing carnage on the streets of Kabul.

These images tell only part of the story of a nation whose hopes, dreams and ambitions to be a prosperous nation have been continually dashed by civil war, Islamic insurgence and the controversial involvement of Western powers. Their future security remains so uncertain.

To help you pray, download our ‘Pray for Central Asia’ prayer resource pack.

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Afghanistan Update – Published January 2022


Why pray for Afghanistan?
For the millions yet to hear the gospel.

Afghanistan is one of the least reached countries in the world.  It is also one in which followers of Jesus face some of the most severe persecution.  Christian believers meet in secret to worship and for fellowship.

However, extremist violence has caused many Muslims to question their faith.  Some are turning to Christ. Christian radio has been used by the Lord. So we must pray on for Afghanistan with hope and faith in our hearts.

Pray for Afghanistan
Afghan lady voting at poll station - pray for Afghanistan

As I commit to pray for Afghanistan, can you tell me a bit more about this country?

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a landlocked country that borders Pakistan in the south and east, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and China in the far northeast. It is split east to west by the Hindu Kush mountain range and most of the country is covered by snow-capped mountains, traversed by deep valleys.

Map of Afghanistan - Christian mission
Pray for Afghanistan at a glance:
  • Population: 37-38 million
  • Area: 252,000 sq miles
  • Capital: Kabul
  • Languages: Dari (Farsi), Pashto
  • Currency: Afghan afghani
  • Religion: Muslim (99.7%)
  • Believers:  8000 (estimate by Operation World)
four afghan men on a moped! Pray for Afghanistan
Afghan flag - pray for Afghanistan

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How can I best pray for Afghanistan?

Praise and Prayer pointers


Praise God for Afghan Christians. Pray that they would respond to all situations with love and grace, especially to violence and persecution that is so common.


Pray for the millions in Afghanistan who have yet to hear the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Praise God for those that are being reached, for example by Christian radio.


For the President and government of Afghanistan, to be able to gather diverse tribal and religious leaders in agreement, so governing justly and fairly all its people.


For good and fair governance in Afghanistan so that rural areas receive funds for building and maintaining roads, schools, education and health services.


Pray for poor Afghan farmers to find alternative crops to opium and grow other crops that will benefit their communities and earn a viable income. For God to send rain at the right time so there may be good harvests and natural disasters averted.


Pray for literacy programmes in Afghanistan and new ways of communicating in an oral culture to be successful so that people may understand the gospel and catch the vision

A personal reflection & prayer for Afghanistan

Pray for Afghanistan – what is its brief history?

Afghanistan has always been on the crossroads between ancient civilisations such as the Mesopotamians, the Persians and the Greeks. Around 500BC, Darius the Great expanded the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire to its peak when it took most of Afghanistan. 200 years later it was taken by Alexandria the Great, though the Afghans never accepted his rule. Revolts were common.

Afghanistan was a focal point of the ancient trading route, the Silk Road, connecting East, South, West and Central Asia. It has been a target of many invaders. It in turn invaded its neighbouring regions and attempted to form its own empires.

By the 18th Century, Ahmed Shah Durrani unified Afghan tribes and founded the Afghan Empire which, extending beyond its present territory, was the foundation of the current state of Afghanistan. Since the 1980’s, the predominant religion, Islam, has become a rallying point for the warring factions, a common and potentially unifying force in a fragmented, multi-tribal society.

We hope you have been motivated and moved to join us and persevere in prayer for Central Asia.

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