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Business for transformation as cross-cultural ministry

Shining Stars in the Workplace – Business for transformation as cross-cultural ministry

As the world we live in seems to be changing at an ever increasing speed these days, so must the way in which we approach Global Ministry – writes Kayla, one of our Central Asian workers, as she explains about the launch of this new ministry…

In much of Central Asia it is challenging to get visas. It can be difficult to make deep connections with friends and neighbours if they don’t have a “work box” to put you in. Additionally, the people we seek to reach with the good news are usually putting long hours in at their own jobs, having little time to meet socially beyond their families and close circles of friends. For these reasons, Business for Transformation as an avenue of cross-cultural ministry became very intriguing to our family.

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Business for transformation

When we made our home in what we call The Big City and began learning the language and culture, my husband and I were looking for opportunities to be in the workplace to shine a light and build relationships with those who need to hear the Good News.

My husband took a job as an English teacher at a local private school and lives out his faith among the students and faculty. With our youngest child about to start elementary school, I was starting to look for how I might be involved in Business for Transformation. I was very excited when presented with an opportunity to strengthen and encourage local believing families while being a light to the greater community!

A shining light - business for transformation in cross-cultural ministry

Local believers had the vision of business for transformation ministry

A couple of local believers had the vision to start a school that would be a safe place and give a leg up to the children growing up in local fellowships. Yet they also had a heart for their community and wanted this school to be open to everyone. This business opportunity hit all the right notes for me – working alongside with and having ownership by locals, encouraging the existing fellowships while challenging them to share their faith to those who do not yet know the Son!

From dream to fruition

This dream has long been brought before the Father and is now being brought to fruition. We have decided to start with a preschool, stepping out in faith that one will grow to many around the city and nation, which will then grow to an elementary school. Our hope is that families will come for the English and stay because their lives have been changed by teachers, staff and fellow student families regularly showing them the Son through their love.

We long to see the next generation of local fellowships growing and strengthened by the quality character education that they will receive through our schools. We ask that you join us in bringing these requests before the Father. And in His power and strength, may it be so!

Oh, and by the way, there are opportunities (salary + personal support) for English teachers at the preschool – so do get in touch if these are of interest

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