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A Beautiful Land of Endless Suffering

Afghanistan is a country of tall, forbidding mountains and dry deserts, but also fertile or irrgated valleys, where Afghans grow their crops and tend to their animals. This contrasts hugely with the expanding cities and the lives of the educated urban dwellers.
Afghans can appear fierce but their loyalty and love, once gained, is yours forever.


●The Afghan body of Christ in Afghanistan continues and believers continue to meet.
● Smart phones have enabled easy access to scriptures and non-Islamic worldviews.
● There are many Christians applying to work in Afghanistan.
● Afghans have migrated to many countries of the world where they can freely hear about Christ.


● Translation of the Bible into minority languages.
● For Taliban members of all ranks to come to Christ.
● For Afghan believers to be able to rest in Christ’s love for them and not be ruled by fear and lack of hope.
● For Afghan believers to find work in order to provide for their families, as there is no welfare state.
● For the many nations who have economic, military and other interests in Afghanistan to act for the benefit of the Afghan people, not their own.