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A Land Rich in History

Iran became an Islamic Republic due to the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Despite waves of resistance through the years,
the Islamic Republic still stands to this day. However, over the last three decades, many people have come to faith in Jesus
Christ. Very exciting, isn’t it?


● For a church that has been growing rapidly for decades
● For plenty of ministries reaching out to Iranian people through internet and satellite TV programs, social media,
Bible translations and related materials
● For a huge hunger for truth among Iranian people
● For God’s miraculous work among the Iranian people groups
● For Jesus building his church on the Rock and that the gates of Hades will not overcome it (Matthew 16:18)


● For all Iranian people groups to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
● For God’s abundant blessing upon all godly ministries among Iranian people groups
● For the Christians in Iran, both the few Christian minorities and the Muslimbackground believers, especially those
that are dealing with persecution
● For mature leaders in the Iranian church who will help others grow in Christ
● For peace and righteousness in the governmental bodies as well as in society, and against bloodshed and ungodly uprisings.