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Land of the Great Steppe

The historic Silk Road, an ancient trading route connecting China, Europe, and the Middle East, runs through Kazakhstan. There are rich natural resources and amazing varieties of wildlife and land formations. Kazakhstan declared independence in 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and became the largest country of Central Asia.


● The church is able to meet in registered buildings and can also do literature distribution and evangelism of adults when on church property.
● The adult children and grandchildren of some Kazakh believers are also walking with the Lord and passionate about serving him.
● The whole Bible is available in Kazakh, in both print and digital/on-line versions.
● There are some spiritually mature leaders who have come to faith over the last 30 years and who are leading congregations and pouring into each other’s lives.


● Pray that Kazakh believers would be students of the word. Pray for oral means of inductive Bible study to take root and grow.
● There are many more female than male believers and in a society that pushes marriage, there is much pressure on believing women to marry unbelievers. Please pray for these sisters to know how to respond
● Pray for married believers too. There are tremendous financial and social pressures.
● The evangelism of minors without written parental consent is illegal. Believing parents often struggle to interest their children in spiritual things/attending church. Please pray for this younger generation to come to faith and desire to grow.