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Kyrgyzstan has been home to nomadic
peoples over the centuries and its
influences stem from the Mongols
through to the Russian Empire. The rearing
of livestock has been integral to the way
of life and yurt dwelling is centuries old,
living in the valleys in winter and the
mountains in the summer months. Even
today it is common to see small children
riding horses in rural areas. The country
is Islamic, which is the primary religion
today, with a resurgence of mosque
building and a push to an even closer
identity with Islam. With one third of the
population under 15 years old, this means
that the next generation is destined to be
more Islamic than the older generation
which lived under Soviet Rule.


● For the growth of the Kyrgyz Church
● For an increasing number of mature believers
● For increasing spiritual openness in Kyrgyzstan
● For relative religious freedom in comparison to many other areas in Central Asia


● For local believers who face the reality
of persecution
● For unity within the church
● For increasing growth of the church, especially amongst minority groups and in rural areas
● For God to raise up more godly and humble church leaders
● For increased political stability