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North Caucasus

Muslim People Groups along Russia’s Caucasus Mountain Ridge.

The 11 million people across Russia’s seven North Caucasus republics are a mosaic of 50 ethnolinguistic groups. Most are Muslims whose ancestors lived in these lands long before Russia was Russia. This is a land of unparalleled beauty and legendary hospitality. Decades of war and a smoldering Islamic insurgency have recently given way to a decade of reconstruction.


● There’s a robust inter-organisational network of prayer and co-working among North Caucasus people groups. There are only 8 out of 50 Caucasus people groups who have no known believers. Missional teams from churches in Siberia are gaining traction, specifically in Dagestan.


● Pray for more cross-cultural workers to go to the North Caucasus from those countries that are able to send people to the Russian Federation. Pray for the largely first-generation church (mostly composed of small house churches) to be established and taught God’s word well so that it can live up to its calling. Pray for the ongoing work of Bible translation. Pray for the people groups that remain completely unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ