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North West Pakistan

Land of the Pashtuns

Pakistan (“Land of the Pure”) has 4 provinces. The north-western province has, since 2010, been called the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KP for short)—which literally means the Khyber (Khyber Pass) side of the land of the Pashtuns. The Pashtuns are the predominant people group in this area and there are also some minority groups.


● There are some Pashtun believers, although no one knows how many
● Smartphones and the internet have enabled easy access to scriptures and non-Islamic worldviews
● There is a church in Pakistan and though many are Christians in name only, there are some true Pakistani
believers who are reaching out


● For more Christian workers to live, work and minister in KP, especially to reach
out to Pashtuns
● Translation of the Bible into minority languages
● Protection of Christians in Pakistan, especially in the north-west, where the culture is very conservative
● For improved political and economic stability in the country