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The Largest unreached nation in the World

Welcome to Türkiye, where East meets West. It’s so much more than a beach holiday destination: the land of the Trojan Horse, Florence Nightingale, Gallipoli and the Hagia Sophia. It is also where much of the Book of Acts took place, including stonings, riots, visions, and extraordinary miracles.


● Praise God for the growth seen in the church in Türkiye; over the last few decades it has gone from almost zero known believers to 9000 today.
● Thank God for many pastors (both Turkish and foreigners) faithfully serving the Body of Christ.
● Praise God for local believers serving in many different ministries, especially among children and youth and in creating content for digital platforms and social media.
● Give thanks for the growing interest in the gospel, especially among younger people.


● Pray for protection of pastors and their families, and for perseverance, especially when there is opposition for their faith.
● Pray that the church will continue to grow in maturity and continue to reach others, including the more unreached traditional Islamic sectors of Turkish society.
● Please pray for the ongoing training of local leaders and people willing and able to go to the unreached provinces to plant churches.
● Pray that interest in online ministries can be transformed into lasting fruit – that people will read the Bible, and go to church if there is one nearby.
● The effects of the major earthquake of February 2023 will be felt in SE Turkey for many years. Pray for the ministries that the local church set up to respond to this need. Pray for people to come to faith as they experience love and care from believers