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Giovanna’s blog on ‘Christian ministry in Afghanistan’ – Part 13

Hi there, Giovanna here (not my real name, for security reasons…)

Here is part 13 of my blog ‘A personal reflection on ‘serving in Afghanistan” – if you missed the earlier parts, here they are:

Afghanistan February 2022: What is happening now?

If you want an update re the current situation see the link at the end of this blog but in this blog I am going to reflect more personally.
Over the months I have been in touch with many Afghans I know. They have been through various phases of fear, sadness, anger, resentment, resignation! Some have reached this point recognizing they won’t be leaving Afghanistan even though it has been their greatest desire to get out and start a new life. Some still have hope and keep trying: asking, badgering, researching their options. Some are just very weary and are resigned because they have run out of energy.
Afghan women have been deeply affected but not just women. Men who still have jobs are back at work now, as are women who work in health and education.
Just receiving their expressions of fear and hopelessness can make you feel very sad. I don’t at all question God but it does seem so unfair that we have freedom and so much and yet they have so little and are so powerless. …just because they were born in Afghanistan and we were born elsewhere. What do we do with all our privileges?

Several who are in Pakistan are waiting to see if they can be part of the UK’s Resettlement Scheme to get to the UK (all other avenues having been exhausted). According to the UK Government the avenue through the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) will open in “Spring” but sadly there will be thousands upon thousands applying. Humanly speaking I do not see much hope but I continue to pray that God will intervene in the lives of these Afghans I know and give them “hope and a future”. If it is not in the UK then that somehow they can have hope even if they have to return to Afghanistan. Maybe in their weariness they will be willing to consider who Jesus is…more than just a prophet as they believe.
Some believers are also leaving, being helped by others. I am happy for them but what of those who will remain? I really pray they will be encouraged and will have leadership.

One person I know is still in hiding in Afghanistan fearing going home. I can’t share the details of what is going on but he says he has been labeled as a Christian but he isn’t one. Why? Because he works with Christians. He is usually a truthful person so I believe his stories. Others tell stories I do not believe in order to have a good case to present.
John 1 verse 5 says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

At the moment, in this situation where my friend is in hiding, it is hard to see the light penetrating the darkness. Pray for a good resolution somehow…for how long can someone hide? May Jesus’ light penetrate his heart above all else.


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