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Our core values

These organisational core values shape the way People International works. Together with our Statement of Faith (what we believe), they describe the heart of who we are and how we live.

God Centered

We are passionate in our love for God and His Word, and we strive for purity of heart towards Him, the world around us, and those we serve.

Love for Muslims

God has put a deep love for Muslim people in our hearts which we express by sharing Christ in biblically and culturally appropriate ways.

Teamwork and Partnering

We strive to serve in teams that are united in strategy and purpose, with team members serving together and dependent upon one another. Where possible we partner with others who share our values and purpose.

Creativity and Flexibility

We encourage original and bold initiatives resulting in diverse, effective, Spirit led ministries.

Church Focused

We serve the Church from all the world by sending members to plant, develop, and equip missional churches that are locally led and resourced.

Care for One Another

We celebrate God’s work in us individually, recognising our human frailties and limitations, forgiving, respecting, and investing in each other in an ethos of grace.

Integrity and Stewardship

We are diligent in using the resources God has entrusted to us, acting with integrity in our dealings with those we serve, our members, donors, partners and governments.