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Short term mission trips

Taking a group of UK students on a short term mission trip to Central Asia – isn’t that crazy?

Well, yes, you might think so. All but one had never been anywhere near Central Asia. But they had a desire to bless believers who have a harder time of it than they do. So we travelled to a remote town in Central Asia for a short term mission trip, where the pastor had asked for visitors to come and bless the young people in his church.

The Central Asian young people were thrilled to meet British students for the first time in their lives. We taught them English and games, we gave seminars on leading worship, on the Bible and on how to run a business. They loved it all. But the reality was that we were the ones who really learned during these two weeks.

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Short term mission trips – be a shining witness

One young couple lost a baby two years ago. He became ill at just one month old, and they watched helplessly while he was in intensive care, knowing that if he ever recovered he would suffer from severe disabilities. When they lost him, they were devastated. But they thought about what if they had had to raise a boy with such disabilities? They knew that there was nothing to help them in their city. So they shared the vision with the young people from all the churches there (which all meet illegally) and out of this has come the most extraordinary ministry. Young Christian people give up three afternoons a week to meet with those with disabilities. They gather them for sport and games, they visit them in their homes, they love them and they tell them about the One who loves them most of all.

The people of the city are so impressed with these Christian young people. They even have some non-Christians come and join in with them. One of these able bodied young men recently came to faith as the result of a boy with Downs telling him that Jesus loved him! And the beautiful thing is that this is the one ministry that unites all the churches in the city!

Disabled child receiving a hug - short term mission trips

Short term mission trips – be inspired

The believers in this town have suffered so much under state persecution. Several of the men have spent time in prison for their faith and suffered badly there. They were told that any evangelism of children was forbidden. But they continued to teach the children over the years, despite the dangers and now the pastor is proud to point out the fruit of disobeying the government: a group of delightful young people who love to share the Gospel and who are willing to give up their spare time in active service of those whose lives are so difficult.

Short term mission trips – be deeply moved and challenged

Who could not come away from two weeks with such Christ-centred young people and not be deeply moved and challenged? We look forward to taking more people there to continue to bless the church and learn.

Let us know if you’d like to join us.   Learn more about our range of mission trips.

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