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Why + how to pray for North Caucasus?

Why pray for the North Caucasus?
A difficult-to-access frontier

You will:

Learn how to best pray for the North Caucasus’ region – a significant challenge to finishing the Great Commission

Read how the infamous war torn Chechnya region has been superseded by reconstruction and relative political stability

Discover the biggest gospel needs of the North Caucasus e.g. for pioneering church planters and further bible translation

Last updated;  9 July 2021

Why pray for the North Caucasus in Russia?  A people that have suffered greatly from war and insecurity

Wild. Weary. War-torn. Spread across the northern plains and peaks of Europe’s tallest mountains, the North Caucasus include Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetiya, Kabardino-Balkariya, and North Ossetia.

The isolated Muslim people groups of the North Caucasus remain a significant challenge to finishing the Great Commission, representing a dangerous and difficult-to-access frontier in Central Asia.

Map of North Caucasus - Christian mission

Pray for the North Caucasus and the pioneer mission opportunities

This forgotten region boasts unparalleled beauty and legendary hospitality to accompany opportunities for pioneer mission. Though troubles remain, the region is far safer than a few decades ago, with the possibility of deeper stability on the horizon, even in the renowned but infamous Chechnya region where war and conflict with the Kremlin in the 1990’s has been superseded by reconstruction and relative political stability.

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Why pray for the North Caucasus?
Only in the region of 500-1000 ethnic believers

Some of the few church groups remain quite Russified and inward-focused, whilst some others are actively reaching out to Muslims. One city has an established church of 300, with believers from 14 different ethnicities. Some successful drug rehabilitation projects have been started by Christians, with Muslims coming to Christ as they are set free from addictions.

Serious challenges exist for ministry in the North Caucasus – two successive pastors of the same church in Grozny were killed, while several Western missionaries have been kidnapped or kicked out over the past decade. The region is notably safer now, though paperwork challenges – from the Russian Government – remain the greatest hindrance for Westerners desiring to work in the region.

Pray for Russia
Middle aged lady reading bible to young girl - Pray for the North Caucasus

As I pray for the North Caucasus, what are the biggest needs?

The same mountains that contain such diversity still separate these peoples from clear gospel witness. Think of an area the size of Great Britain surrounded by expanses of water and filled with Europe’s tallest / steepest mountains, where transport links are extremely difficult taking up to 6 hours to travel from village to village!

Thanks to tremendous efforts, several North Caucasus languages now have a New Testament, but not all, and there is still not one complete Old Testament, though a Muslim-friendly Russian translation is used widely.

The greatest needs are for Bible translation, discipleship, and especially pioneer church planting across the region to reach the Central Asian people in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetiya, Kabardino-Balkariya, and North Ossetia.

At present there are very few cross-cultural Gospel workers in the region, but some doors are open for those willing to push.

Pray for the North Caucasus at a glance:
  • Population: 10 million
  • Area: 170,000 sq miles
  • Countries inc: Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetiya, Kabardino-Balkariya, North Ossetia
  • Religion: Muslim (70-95% across region)
  • Believers:  500-1000 ethnic North Caucasians (0.01%)
Two young boys in the North Caucasus - Pray for the North Caucasus
Flag for the North Caucasus mountainous region - Pray for the North Caucasus

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How can I best pray for the North Caucasus?

Praise and Prayer pointers


Give thanks to God for the minority of ethnic believers. Pray for them, most of whom are isolated and face many dangers – that they may be upheld, and given special strength and courage to remain faithful.


Praise God for each one, and for their courage and boldness. Particularly pray for the safety and welfare of pastors and church leaders.


Pray for opportunities for the Gospel to break into the many isolated Muslim people groups in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetiya, Kabardino-Balkariya, and North Ossetia.


For those willing to take the risk to evangelise across the North Caucasus. Especially pray for the Lord to prepare and equip pioneering church planters.


That the relative political stability would continue and become more permanent.


For the people and funds to make further Bible translation work possible.

How can I / our church get involved in Central Asian mission?

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