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Why + how to pray for Tajikistan?

Why pray for Tajikistan? Turning increasingly Islamic

You will:

Learn how to best pray for Tajikistan – the poorest of Central Asian countries, that has never really recovered from the civil war of the 1990’s

Understand how Tajikistan is becoming increasingly Islamic

Gain an insight in order to pray for the Tajikistan church – whose growth has stalled, and where emigration is leaving local fellowships weak

Last updated;  13 July 2021

Why pray for Tajikistan?  Islam is becoming more dominant.

People are listening to Islamic sermons and teachings on their phones. Rich Muslim countries send funds to build impressive mosques. Women have started to wear full head coverings and Arab clothing instead of traditional Tajik ones.

Tajik church’s growth stalled

At the start of the 90’s, there were only a handful of ethnic Tajik believers. Then a season of spiritual blessing. However, the church’s growth stalled after the nineties and has never picked back up.

Nevertheless, we praise God for each Tajik believer. Previously dominated by Russian culture and language, the church in Tajikistan is now taking steps towards being a Central Asian church.

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Map of Tajikistan - Christian mission

Why pray for Tajikistan?
The church faces many challenges

Local leadership is emerging, but it can be a lonely position. The traditional, authoritarian model of leadership in Tajikistan alienates the leader from the church members. As a result of that, church leaders come regularly together to talk about the cultural issues and form guidelines for the church.

The Central Asian church needs a theology for important events in their lives. What does a believing wedding look like? What about funerals?

Church leaders are leaving Tajikistan

Tajikistan is struggling economically. There are no jobs, and in some villages all the men have gone to Russia to find work. The believers are also leaving for work. Some church groups have lost most of their members to emigration.

Church leaders have left for Russia or to the US in hopes of a better life for themselves and their children.

Pray for Tajikistan
Tajik young female making tea - Pray for Tajikistan

Pray for Tajikistan – the poorest country in Central Asia

The Pamir and Tien-Shan rugged mountains make up over 90% of the surface area of Tajikistan. Popular for hiking and climbing. Until the 12th century, the northern part of the Persian empire. From the mid-19th century, under Russian rule.

The Tajik people share culture and history with the Iranian people and speak Tajik – a dialect of the Persian language.

Very soon after independence in the early 90’s Tajikistan fell into a tribal based civil war – this was a hard time, with over 60,000 lives lost.

Tajikistan has untapped mineral and hydro-electric potential – with many wild and beautiful rivers. However, the country’s economy has never really recovered from the civil war, poverty is widespread and it is Central Asia’s poorest nation.

Pray for Tajikistan at a glance:
  • Population: 9.5 million
  • Area: 55,251 sq miles
  • Capital: Dushanbe
  • Languages: Tajik
  • Currency: Tajikistani somoni
  • Religion: Muslim (94%)
  • Believers:  8000 (0.1%)
Tajik family outside their home - Pray for Tajikistan
Tajikistan flag - Pray for Tajikistan

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How can I best pray for Tajikistan?

Praise and Prayer pointers


Praise God that Tajiks are still coming to faith. Pray for continued openness to spiritual matters and for heads of households to be reached and their families to then follow.


Pray for Tajikistan – for growth in the maturity of the church through discipleship. Pray for leaders to establish this. Spiritual parents that will understand the local culture and are willing to walk alongside them.


Pray for house churches – they want to reach whole households and meet at homes. They don’t want to separate into groups of children, adults, elderly etc. Pray for spiritual parenting of these grassroots groups.


The conservative Muslim communities do not tolerate change of religion – there are numerous heart-breaking stories of followers of Jesus cast out by their families / communities. Please pray for them…


Pray for Tajikistan church leaders to be given courage for when the secret police question them and demand they inform on other believers.


Urban areas are the most reached. Pray for a handful of believers who have moved outside the capital as local missionaries, looking for options to share the Gospel in ways traditional Tajiks will understand.

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